Badu House friends and family –

With Christmas and New Year’s falling as they do, our last day of operation in December will be Saturday the 19th.
Beyond that – we need to let you know we will not be re-opening the Badu House in January 2016 as it is known now. After long consideration, we have decided to shift the operations and focus of the Badu House to private events only. This will include scheduled dinner club evenings, wine and beer pairings, parties, weddings, other private reserved functions and events. Special music events in the spring, summer, and fall months. The bed and breakfast operations will remain. But we will no longer be open the present Thursday-Friday-Saturday operating hours.

The Badu House has enjoyed significant growth and success over our five years, a growth that’s been a blessing, and enjoyable, while also creating and growing a significant set of responsibilities and commitments with respect to time, management, and capital.

We know better than any of you what we’re giving up – we’ve made many great friends, visited with and come to know hundreds of others. Through our strong interest in original music we’ve been introduced to many gifted singer/songwriters, and have been glad to share that with Badu House patrons. And so on… But our lives – myself, Karalina, Taylor, Chase – have changed dramatically in the last two years. We have three new little ones in the family, and that demands a level of quality of life we can’t provide given our current overall responsibilities.

The primary purpose for the above is to provide many of you a brief explanation of our decision to change our operations. Llano has been hugely supportive of the Badu House, from its first day in November 2010. And again, nowhere else would we have made the number and quality of friends we have here. As Karalina has said, all of the reasons we moved to Llano are still here… We have nothing but praise and good thoughts for Llano, the Badu House patrons (well, 99.8% of them anyway), and especially our friends.

Please follow the Facebook page and visit the website often to see scheduled special events, dinners, music “socials”, concerts, beer and wine tastings, etc., particularly during the good weather months of March-October.

Our decision hasn’t come lightly nor easily for us. We hope you’ll understand, and we all continue to try to make Llano an even better place to live.

Thanks for all…
Stan & Karalina, Taylor and Chase

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